Bluetooth Aquarium Dosing pump prototype


Invent Marine Bluetooth Dosing Pumps
Bluetooth Dosing Pumps
We are happy to announce we have the first working prototype of our Bluetooth Aquarium Dosing pump.
The device has no LCD and it is configured wirelessly, via Bluetooth.
The admin software is installed as a plugin for Chrome, the Google’s Web browser. In addition, it can be fully controlled by the Reefmate Aquarium Controller.

This device will be introduced to the market with an vast list of features and an extremely competitive price, which is aimed to be below $200.

Here is what you will get:
– Four peristaltic pumps.
– Setup unlimited dosing schemes for all sorts of dosing programs.
– Ability to setup the dosing schedule from a list of presets, such as Randy’s recipe, Kalk, Vodka and Zeovits.
– Easy step-by-step calibration process (no need to refer to a manual to remember how to perform calibration).
– Configurable Calibration reminder every X months.
– Manual dosing.
– Use one of the pumps as an Auto Top Off unit (ATO).
– Temperature monitoring.
– Draw charts out of the dosing history, temperature and ATO schemes.
– Alerts when the solution containers need to be refilled.
– Option to upgrade to Pharmed tubbing (long lasting)
– Integrated with our Aquarium Controller, the Reefmate.
– Can be powered via USB port or wall socket.
– Communicates via USB port or Bluetooth.
– Firmware easily upgradable via USB.
– Water resistant enclosure to prevent rusty due to salt creep and water damage.
– Compact and low profile enclosure.
– Ability to attach it in a variety of angles.

In addition, the Invent Marine Dosing pumps use the popular Firmata Open Source protocol and we will be provide an API, with proper documentation for all available features. This will enable users to code their own custom software, if they wish.

Stay tuned.