REEFmate Aquarium Controller

The REEFmate is an easy to use computer that automates tedious tasks, necessary for stability and successful of Reef Aquarium.
It runs in a powerfull micro computer, similar to the RaspberryPI, its interface is accessible by the browser, via wifi, with any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

It can control and automate a number of common tasks, that otherwise would be tedious or prone to human mistakes, including:
– Complex LED schemes, including sunshine, sunset, storms, etc.
– Liquids dosing via a wireless dosing pumps.
– Temperature control and monitoring, capable of storing unlimited historical data.
– Ability to run your own custom code with the Groovy programming language.
– Large range of sensors, including pH, temperature, ORP, water level, Salinity, Leak and more to come.
– Hosted API. Every operation or piece of data can be accessed via a hosted API. That mean the community can develop custom application beyond imagination. Creativity is the limit.
We will be writing a series of posts detailing the development progress of this amazing product, that is the REEFmate. You can follow it via the#reefmate tag

Until that, enjoy some screenshots