DOSEmate: Dosing Pumps Computer

DOSEmate - Aquarium Dosing Pumps and Controller

DOSEmate – Aquarium Dosing Pumps and Controller

We are very excited to achieve another project milestone, the DOSEmate Dosing Pumps computer. It comes with 4 dosing pumps, water level sensor and temperature sensor.

In addition, it is controlled by the REEFmate Aquarium Computer, which means the DOSE can be extended and become a complete aquarium controller.

The software is arguably the more complete and easy to use amongst the competition.

DOSEmate Dosing Pumps Computer features:

  • Controls an unlimited number of Dosing Pumps.
  • Unlimited number of scheduled Dosing Events.
  • Easy pump calibration.
  • Monitors temperature.
  • ATO extension (optical and float switch)
  • Controls DOSEmate pumps,  Jebao slave pumps, Reef Angel pumps and DIY pumps.
  • Self updates from the internet.
  • Accessible anywhere in the world via Internet.
  • First setup in less than 10 minutes.
  • Interface compatible with mobile, tablets and desktop browsers.
  • IoT compatible interfaces.
  • Most powerful and easy to use, programming interface based on Node-Red.

This product will be available on the market in September, 2015.

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