UI Notifications

Development Update #4.

Don’t miss a thing! This update introduces Notifications to the  REEFmate dashboard, which will make sure you won’t miss important events that may require your attention.  It also enables a searchable history of all events in the system, which can be gold when you are trying to track problems that happened while you are away.

Notifications Callout


When a notification needs attention, it will cover the header menu and make sure you won’t miss it.


Latest Notifications toolbar

Header menu notifications

Notifications in the header menu.

Under the flag icon, in the header toolbar, you will find the notifications for the last 24hs.

Notifications History


Came back from work and found something unexpected in your tank? Check the notification history and it could tell you when and what has happened while you were away.

Notification Node-red node


It introduces the “Notification” node to the Node-red code editor. This is where the magic happens!
You can customised the logic to send notifications to suit your needs. The example above does: 1. Listen for Dosing pump events; 2. Check if remaining liquid is below threshold . 3. Show Notification.

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Happy reef-keeping!