Node-red Dimming node

Development Update #5

Today’s update introduces a simple but exciting new node to Node-red, the Dimming node.

Dimming is an important feature of any Aquarium Controller. It allows the tank owner to dim LEDs, fans and variable speed Wavemakers like Vortech, Tunze, Gyre and Jecod/Jebao.
The DOSEmate comes with 4 dimming ports, ready to use and it is compatible with “Apex/GHL Profilux ready” devices, such as Jebao RW controller from Fish-street.

Other brands of Aquarium Controllers, usually offer limited dimming functionality, mostly
based on timed events, which will set the intensity of the dimming port at an specific time of the day. While this is certainly enough for most aquarists, it lacks the power and flexibility that Node-Red provides.

Control freaks, hardcore DIYers will love it!


The flow above, is an example of how the Dimming node can control the speed of a Fan, based on temperature sensor. This is a common automation in  reef aquariums, aimed to minimise the noise produced by cooling fans.

Range node

The range node above, maps a temperature range (25C to 26.5C) to the fan intensity (0 to 100%).

When hooked to Variable speed pumps and LEDs, this can be customised to simulate a real reef environment, with moonlights and wavemakers driven by moon phases, for example.

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