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Coral-box/Jecod wavemaker programming made easy

Development Update #6 In the previous update we introduced the Dimming Node, which can control up to 4 dimmable devices, like LEDs and variable speed wave-maker. In today’s update, we are pleased to announce the REEFmate’s DIM port was tested with the “Apex/GHL wavemaker controller”, from Coral-box. The adapter was originally designed for the Apex or GHL controller and also […]

Node-red Dimming node

Development Update #5 Today’s update introduces a simple but exciting new node to Node-red, the Dimming node. Dimming is an important feature of any Aquarium Controller. It allows the tank owner to dim LEDs, fans and variable speed Wavemakers like Vortech, Tunze, Gyre and Jecod/Jebao. The DOSEmate comes with 4 dimming ports, ready to use and it is […]

UI Notifications

Development Update #4. Don’t miss a thing! This update introduces Notifications to the  REEFmate dashboard, which will make sure you won’t miss important events that may require your attention.  It also enables a searchable history of all events in the system, which can be gold when you are trying to track problems that happened while you are away. Notifications Callout […]

REEFmate with Reef Angel power board

   Development update #2: We have achieved one more milestone, this time we have added support to the new Reef Angel Power Boards. The Power Board construction is superb, it comes with flanges to screw it to walls and international connectors. Invent Marine customers  will be able to buy these power boards from our web-site and from […]

Failed prototype: Octopus Relay box

At Invent Marine we love to try different ideas, tweak and experiment. That is what makes product development so exciting. This time, the problem we were trying to solve was cable management. Everybody hate cables, sometimes they are difficult to hide, some other times they are too short. Also, the existing “power boxes” included in popular products, like […]