DOSEmate – Dosing Computer for Aquariums

Product Description

DOSEmate is the REEFmate Aquarium Computer, with 4 embedded dosing pumps.

This device is a prototype and isn’t available for sale.

It comes with 4 peristaltic dosing pumps and the REEFmate Aquarium Controller on the same device.

– 4 x peristaltic pumps with 1ml precision.
– Optional Pharmed tubbing upgrade. Lasts 10000 hours, 60X times more than silicone.
– ATO with optical and float switch sensors, that can control any of the peri pumps or other outlets via USB extensions.
– pH sensor
– Temperature sensors (multiple sensors can be connected to the same port)
– Support for Reef Angel extensions, like power outlets. 12V outlets, leak/ph/salinity/ORP extensions, etc.
– Wifi

– Dosing pump:
– Unlimited dosing schedules.
– Easy to use step-by-step pump calibration with reminders for the next calibration.
– History of amount dosed.
– Refill notifications.
– Customisable via Node-RED
– Support for HD USB camera live stream.
– Accessible anywhere in the world via
– User friendly mobile and desktop interface.
– Auto software updates.
– Temperature and pH charts and history.
– Ability to completely customise the controller’s without having to learn a programming language, via Node-RED.
– SMS and email alerts via internet.
– Compatibility with all REEFmate extensions.

Proudly developed and assembled in Australia!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
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