REEFmate Aquarium Computer

Product Description

REEFmate – Aquarium Computer

This product is still a prototype and is not available for sale.


The REEFmate is an user friendly and powerful computer for aquarium automation. It automates several tasks, which are crucial for the success of a Reef Aquarium and otherwise, would be tedious and error prone.

It does everything other controllers do and much more!

Auto Top Up (ATO). Detects water levels and refill evaporated freshwater.
Dosing pumps:  Automates supplementation Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium and others; Super easy pump calibration; Monitors liquid containers and informs when it needs refilling.
Wave makers: Controls Jebao Pumps, including wave patterns, even based on real world parameters, like phases of the moon.
Temperature:  monitors and controls temperature;  unlimited historical data visualisation;
Leak detection: detects water leaks on the flor and alerts via SMS, sound, email and it by talking to you.
– Large range of sensors: pH, temperature, ORP, water level, Salinity, Leak, PAR, water flow and more to come.
Power outlets: Turn on and off  100V/220V power outlets;
Dashboard: Customisable Dashboards, with drag-and-drop widgets
IoT ready: First of its kind, our custom nodes for Node-red, make it a easy and powerfull to build your own custom logic.
– Unlimited storage and rich visualisation of  collected data.
Mobile ready: UI that works on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.
– Automatic software and firmware updates.
– 1 year warranty.


Proudly designed and assembled in Australia!