REEFmate with Reef Angel power board


 Development update #2:

We have achieved one more milestone, this time we have added support to the new Reef Angel Power Boards.
The Power Board construction is superb, it comes with flanges to screw it to walls and international connectors.

Invent Marine customers  will be able to buy these power boards from our web-site and from

Every outlet can be controlled with 3 state(ON/AUTO/Off) buttons in the REEFmate dashboard, as well as, programmed via the Node-Red interface.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Here are two examples of how the power outlets can be used in the Node-Red environment

Simple reset every 12 hours

Simple reset every 12 hours



Water change mode. Disables 3 outlets for 25 minutes, with the option to re-enable them manually in case of an emergency.